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We have partnered with global IT vendors, like Avaya, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet, IBM, Lenovo, and Microsoft, to provide the best solutions to our customers. Our focus is on developing, customizing, and integrating IT solutions. Our services span to all types of industries and a range of various market segments, from small businesses to large enterprises. 

We understand that business relations are the foundation of success, and that’s why our priority is to build long lasting relations with our customers, and our partners. We see our clients’ business as ours, and we work continuously on bettering and fostering global partnerships, to be able to provide the optimum know-how and support to our customers. 


Analytics & Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Services

Network Infrastructure

Data Centers

Intent-Based Networking

IoT Solutions


Smart Building


Software Defined Networking

Wireless & Mobility

Consulting Collaboration

Key Members

Reyaz Satar

CEO Prologify Inc.

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