Our Customs Brokerage Division is the linchpin of our commitment to efficient international trade. Our dedicated team of customs experts possesses in-depth knowledge of air and ocean shipping, classification, valuation, and the intricacies of duties and taxes imposed on imports. With a relentless focus on efficiency, our experts ensure that your shipments are swiftly and smoothly expedited through the appropriate channels, arriving promptly at their intended destinations.

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Industry Pioneers

Ronald Ramcharran has set the standard as the first licensed customs broker in Guyana, ensuring a wealth of experience and unmatched knowledge in navigating the customs landscape.

While catering to the distinctive needs of high-end clients, we deliver the same meticulous customs brokerage services, ensuring excellence in documentation, compliance, and efficiency.

Establishing robust connections with governmental organizations, we keep abreast of evolving regulations, allowing us to navigate the customs terrain with finesse.

We specialize in expediting clearance processes, particularly beneficial for our high-end clientele.

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