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Direct Services

With our team of experienced leaders and experts, we provide investors with a comprehensive set of services to help build their businesses from the ground up and ensure high success in running their operations.

Business Consultation

Investment Opportunities

We can help you evaluate investment potentials in Guyana’s fastest growing industries.

Business Consultation

Corporate Formation & Governance

Establishing your local business in Guyana’s oil, gas, or mining industries requires ongoing corporate governance.

Business Consultation

Government Relations & Orientation

We facilitate introductory meetings with relevant parties, helping your organization make a smooth transition into the region.

Logistics & Procurement

Logistics, Procurement & Custom Brokerage

We serve Guyana’s fastest growing industry segments including Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Construction and Infrastructure, Offshore … 


Site & Executive Security

We hold the safety and security of your employees, executives & clients in the highest regard.

Human Resources

Occupational Health & Safety

We are equipped to conduct safety training and follow up audits, giving you actionable feedback.

Human Resources

Human Resource Management

We ensure the effective and efficient management of people within your company to maximize employee performance.

Human Resources

Employee Relocation & Immigration

We assist your staff in finding temporary housing or more permanent housing in a serviced apartment or upscale village.

Business Consultation

Exploration Camp Management

We ensure your mining project will be handled in a proficiently, allowing you to begin developing land quickly.

Recruitment Services

We can act as an in-house recruiter for your business, providing efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process.

Business Consultation

Business Development

We assist clients in building their business ventures from the ground up using a thorough assessment of internal and external business activities.

Business Consultation

Business Brokering

We provide the much-needed assistance in helping investors in selling or buying businesses.

Local Partnered Services

We have forged partnerships with local businesses to provide global standard services in custom brokerage, satellite survey and GIS implementation, management systems consultation and auditing, employee relocation, network infrastructure, international business, finance, and negotiation.

RR Brokerage

We help facilitate the shipment and delivery of goods across geographical borders for individuals and organizations, ensuring timely arrival of shipments at designated locations while providing cost-efficient measures.


Latitude Geospatial

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data.

EVO Business Solutions

We assist companies to achieve their own ISO certification extensive knowledge and experience

IA Realty

We provide custom-fit employee relocation plan that will ensure your employees’ safety and welfare as they transition to a new location to support your business. 


We specializes in network setup, installation, and troubleshooting for businesses, whether you need a LAN, WAN, VPN, wireless network, or a hosted networking solution.

Internationally Partnered Services

We have international partners that provide world-class services that will level-up the quality of business transactions in the country.

LB DA Silva Services

We provide international consultancy services for international business, financial services, and negotiation in various sectors which includes finance, trading, mining, and renewable energy.


Whether you’re big or small, run workshops, music gigs, theatre productions, sports events, trade shows and conferences, or even general activities, we’ve got your ticketing needs covered.

C2 Communications

Working personally with corporate clients, we are committed to creating impactful business strategies and projects that exceed business objectives.

Duraflex Solutions Global

Duraflex Solutions is a 4th generation proprietary crystalline technology composed of entirely natural mineralization and virtually free of chlorides.

Inver Group LLC

Unparalleled expertise in the distribution of steel-structure solutions and construction materials, including prefabricated warehouses and insulated panels.

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