Integrated Management System


Of excel guyana inc

At Excel Guyana Inc, it is our vision to be the Leading Business Support Service provider, within the domestic and international market.

In achieving this vision, it is our commitment to:

  • Providing our Clients with strategic business development support services including Recruitment & Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, through the utilization of competent and experienced personnel.
  • Ensuring the provision of a Safe, Occupational Hazard-Free, and Healthy Work Environment to eliminate OH&S Risks and Non-conforming Outputs.
  • Ensuring our commitment to the protection and preservation of the environment and community, including the prevention of pollution and other specific commitment(s) relevant to our operations.
  • Ensuring that our IMS Objectives are established and implemented at all functions as per this Policy.
  • Providing and maintaining an environment that ensures the Engagement and Participation of our Employees and Stakeholders in the IMS where applicable.
  • Ensuring the continued improvement of our IMS to enhance the quality of our Services and
    Products, our OH&S, QMS, and EMS Performance.
  • Ensuring the compliance with all applicable Legal and Regulatory requirements relating to our Operations and the OH&S, QMS, and EMS standards.

This Policy will be reviewed Annually and Communicated to our Internal and External Stakeholders viz our Clients, Our Employees, and Our Suppliers of Excel Guyana Inc.

Kris Sammy

Chief Executive Officer

January 30th, 2024

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