Being Aware of Cultural Nuances Can Help You Build a Loyal Team

Submitted by Ewan Shanks, Vice President of Client Services and Recruitment

While many corporate cultures are shifting to a flattened organizational structure with a more relaxed working environment, many companies in Guyana are family owned and operated with a clear hierarchy. Employees are normally expected to address the business owners by their full surname such as Mr. or Mrs. Smith. However, employees are normally called by their surname only. This cultural norm has its roots in colonial times. When I first returned to Guyana, I found this most uncomfortable as I was accustomed to call everyone from the CEO to the janitorial staff by their first name.

Another level of approval in the hierarchy is from parents. Younger Guyanese workers are frequently still living at home and are very much under the control of their parents. If their parents tell them not to take a job, believe me their word is the law.

Due to the recent growth of Oil and Gas Industry in Guyana, there has been an influx of international companies and investors.  In many situations, these foreign companies are able to pay higher wages than their local counterparts, allowing them to attract the more educated and skilled local labour. However, it is important to recognize that local businesses are facing a deficiency of skilled and talented staff. So, when coming into the market, it is important for organizations to make a local investment in supporting the entire business and non-profit community.

Our friendly and skilled human resources and recruiting staff is familiar with all the cultural nuances and potential pitfalls and can be instrumental in attracting the best available talent in the marketplace. We also have the experience of having worked with some of the largest international organizations both abroad and locally, hence we understand the culture, dynamics, and mindset of international executive teams.

We are not a passive employment agency that places and advertisement on social media or in the newspapers which will only attract the unemployed and unhappy group of employees. We are a professional search and recruitment firm that goes out and “headhunts” top talent.

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