EcoStim and Excel Guyana Join Forces to Bring Natural Plant Boosters to Local Farmers

Georgetown Guyana (October 07, 2023) EcoStim Limited, a developer and manufacturer of natural plant biostimulants based in the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce plans to expand into Guyana and the larger CARICOM region through a partnership with Excel Guyana Inc. 

EcoStim, manufactures and distributes a portfolio of completely organic Biostimulants specifically designed to increase production yields while significantly reducing chemical fertilizers.  EcoStim is currently distributed in nine major countries on four continents, this partnership will provide farmers with access to the entire range of EcoStim’s biostimulants.  

EcoStim’s biostimulants are complex compositions of organic mixtures without live microorganisms. They work on all plants by simulating the plants metabolic rate to increase crop yields.  Crops treated with EcoStim require 20-30% less chemical fertilizer. 

In addition to improved yields, the biostimulants also improve the crops ‘quality, flavour, sugar content, pest resistance and shelf life.  As examples: 

  • The BRIX content of tomatoes increases by 25%.   
  • The additional shelf life greatly reduces post-harvest loss in soft fruits by 15%+ between farm gate. 
  • Plants treated with EcoStim can resist wilt for approximately 40% longer than untreated plants during periods of drought.   
  • EcoStim increases biodiversity and soil regeneration by releasing insoluble Phosphorus and Zinc bound in soil particles.

Recent studies in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Cote d’Ivorie show rice yields increased on average by 29%.  Sugar cane and tomato crops experience a similar increase in yields.  Case studies are available at 

EcoStim choose Excel Guyana Inc. as its go-to-market partner in Guyana and the larger CARICOM region because of their history and commitment to delivering meaningful projects that address the strategic needs of governments and the private sector.  EcoStim and Excel Guyana are equally committed to helping His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali President of Guyana and the Honourable Zulfikar Mustpha, Agriculture Minister of Guyana, and their CARICOM counterparts greatly surpass the 25 by 2025 initiative.  

EcoStim’s Managing Director, Mr. Phil, said: “We are happy to partner with Excel Guyana, a professional company that shares our vision of promoting organic biostimulants as a sustainable solution for plant health and soil fertility. We believe that our products can play a significant role in helping the region achieve its 25 by 2025 initiative.” 

Excel Guyana’s CEO, Mr. Kris Sammy, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with EcoStim, a world-class biostimulant maker that has proven results in various markets. We are confident that EcoStim’s products will provide a significant return on investment for CARICOM farmers while introducing all the other quality, soil and plant health benefits EcoStim’s biostimulants are known for.  

The partnership between Excel Guyana and EcoStim is expected to create new opportunities for local employment, training, and community engagement in addition to all the direct improvements in farming and production yields. Both companies are committed to following the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental protection in their operations. 

About EcoStim

EcoStim is a company that produces and sells Natural Biostimulants for several types of plants, such as crops and sports turf. Founded in 2018, the company has already expanded its market to nine countries across four continents. Now, thanks to a partnership with Excel Holdings, EcoStim will also offer its products to farmers in the United States.   

EcoStim’s biostimulants are organic mixtures without live microorganisms. They work on all plants and turf and can cut down chemical fertilizer use by up to 40% and increase crop yields by up to 30%. This results in higher profits for farmers and lower environmental impact. They also improve the yield, quality, flavour, sugar content, shelf life, and stress and pest resistance of crops and plants. This includes crops such as sugar cane, wheat, corn, soybean, rice, and fruits. EcoStim’s biostimulants contain beneficial microorganisms, organic acids, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and minerals that boost plant growth, health, and resilience. EcoStim’s products are suitable for many crops and applications, including agriculture, and ecological sustainability. 

About Excel Guyana Inc

Excel Guyana is a wholly owned Guyanese company, proudly registered with the Local Content Secretariat. As a rapidly expanding integrated enterprise, Excel Guyana offers comprehensive solutions to clients and partners. The company’s unwavering dedication, propelled by its seasoned and dedicated team, is firmly rooted in driving Guyana’s development. Excel Guyana warmly welcomes foreign partners equipped with the vital skills and resources that are indispensable for the nation’s growth. By fostering strategic partnerships, Excel Guyana is committed to advancing the success of clients, partners, and the communities it serves, both on local and international fronts.

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