Excel signs exclusive partnership with Shengli Oilfield Shengji Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd.

It all started in 2015 at the Stabroek block on the coast of Guyana when ExxonMobil and Hess Corp discovered oil resources. And, from then on, Guyana’s path toward becoming a power player in the oil and gas industry has been secured. There have been several successful discoveries to date, and this has opened doors for investments.

With the country’s GDP expected to increase by 30% because of these developments, the Guyanese government has focused its efforts on the oil and gas sector and used it as a springboard to boost the country’s overall economic development. Aside from policy changes, there were partnerships forged with the World Bank, a strong emphasis on sustainable development, and a prioritization of the Guyanese people in recruitment. All these to ensure that the oil and gas resources in the country will benefit the country as a whole.

This strategy has been attracting more and more investors to the country. Given this influx, the country is looking at more and more players in the oil and gas sector that would require certain equipment and materials for their operation.

Excel’s Procurement Division is excited for this partnership, which will ensure that the oil and gas sectors’ needs for reliable and quality equipment and materials are sustainable. As the exclusive local distributor for these essential products, our team is forging new partnerships for growth,” Excel’s Chief Executive Officer and Director Kris Sammy explained.

Shengli Oilfield is a world-class supplier, with more than 50 years of experience in comprehensive design, research and development, manufacturing and oilfield services. The diversified business covers eight core blocks including: conventional drilling and recovery equipment, complete sets of thermal recovery equipment, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion solution, multiphase flowmeter solution, mechanized workover system, EOR (tertiary oil recovery), drilling and completion technologies, engineering design, installation and maintenance services.

Excel Guyana Chief Executive Officer and Director Kris Sammy

Additionally, the organization has been recognized with awards and recognitions such as the National High-New Tech Enterprise, AAA Grade Credit Enterprise, and the Top 10 Enterprises of China Petroleum and Petro-chemical Industry. All its products are in stock and ready to be shipped, thus ensuring its clients that their needs will be met based on their timeline. Per estimate, Shengli can deliver within 15 days for stock items. It also customizes pumping units based on the needs of the clients. For customized orders, delivery is estimated between 15 to 25 days. As it is committed to helping businesses, Shengli does not require Minimum Order Quantity.

According to Excel’s Procurement and Supply Chain Business Manager Eugene Gonsalves, “We are confident that we can provide cost-efficient and high-quality products given Shengli’s seal of excellence.” The gas and oil industry demands reliable equipment to ensure that operations are round-the-clock. Based on the available products in the market, Shengli is among the limited few that provide products that are responsive to this need.

Excel’s Procurement and Supply Chain Business Manager Eugene Gonsalves

Excel’s leadership has more than 30 years of experience in building businesses in Guyana and the CARICOM region. With more than 10 years of local presence in Guyana, it has established networks in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina. Excel is committed to providing investors with all that they need to establish their business in Guyana through government relations and orientation, construction management, procurement and logistics, human resource, accounting, among others. Learn more by calling +592 223-0646 or submit an inquiry below.

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