Fortune 500 companies’ interest boosts employment in Guyana

No less than the office of the US Ambassador to Guyana confirmed that Fortune 500 companies were eyeing Guyana for investment in the energy industry including healthcare and agriculture. This pronouncement came less than two years ago, and to date, this interest has sparked the confidence of more investors to include Guyana in its future expansion and development. Fortune 500 companies are the largest US corporations and represent a large percentage of the US gross domestic product and the gross world product.

In 2020, Guyana ranked first in the CARICOM region in terms of Direct Foreign Investment with US$ 1.834 billion. The trend is increasing over the years and the oil and gas sector is gaining ground with all the successful explorations offshore. Other investment opportunities that have been attracting foreign businesses include agriculture, communications, mining, and transportation.

Chief Executive Officer of Excel Guyana Kris Sammy

To fuel this momentum, the Guyanese government has made sure to enact laws and implement development programs to make the country an operational zone. These laws pave for economic viability to encourage international players into Guyanese soil while protecting the interest of local businesses and workforce. These developments would further boost the country’s standing as among the most investor-friendly country in the world.

Thus, Guyana is focused on ramping up the implementation of its transformative economic agenda that involve the support of the private sector. With this strategy, the country can aggressively pursue its economic vision. As more investors pour in, it increases the demand for jobs and supply which, in turn, would also create employment and investment opportunities for the locals.

The Guyanese government also acknowledges that the country’s rich resources can be further utilized to benefit Guyana by creating manufacturing hubs that would process these materials in Guyanese soil instead of having them manufactured elsewhere. With this, more businesses will be created which would then translate to jobs.

Excel Guyana is keen on supporting the government in helping foreign investors establish their businesses on Guyanese soil. Excel understands the important role that international businesses play in the country’s development. Thus, with its outstanding track record in investment, it has been providing local and foreign businesses their much-needed support to ensure a smooth transition as they build their operations in the country.

Kris Sammy, Chief Executive Officer of Excel Guyana Inc. explained, “Having a trusted local partner is very important for foreign investors and this is what Excel can provide. We share our partners’ vision and make it our own – and this will be the strong foundation of our success.”

Excel Guyana creates opportunities, builds partnerships, connects people, and aligns resources to help build Guyana’s future through strategic partnerships that elevate its local and international clients, partners, and the communities it serves. With three decades of combined experience in Guyana and the wider CARICOM region, Excel has vast knowledge and experience in helping its customers and partners succeed. Excel provides dependable, reliable, and excellent service to investors in recruiting and human resources,  employee relocation, government relations and orientationconstruction managementprocurement and logisticsexpert accounting, among others.

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