Guyana’s Key to IT Ascendancy

Even though Excel Guyana, Inc. has been an industry leader for over 30 years, the company still continues to diversify its business partnerships, locally and internationally. Excel has strategic partners in all types of industries such as natural resources, business process outsourcing (BPO), geospatial services, real estate, finance, public relations & marketing, and ticketing, venues & events. 

But even with Excel Guyana’s continuous partnership success in numerous fields, the business consulting firm is constantly diversifying its list of clients and looking straight ahead to the future. And with information technology (IT) clearly being the top industry moving forward, Excel has strategically added Prologify to its impressive catalog of affiliates. 

Prologify, Inc. develops, customizes, and integrates IT solutions. Their impressive track record in the IT industry includes collaborations with tech giants like Avaya, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet, IBM, Lenovo, and Microsoft. 

Prologify has been known over the years as a front-runner in the world of IT due to the impeccable services that they offer such as Analytics & Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Network Infrastructure, Data Centers, Intent-Based Networking, IoT Solutions, Security, Smart Building, Software, Software Defined Networking, Wireless & Mobility, and Consulting Collaboration. Prologify’s extensive background will play a significant role in developing Guyana’s IT industry. 

Although Guyana has made considerable leaps and bounds in its IT industry since the ‘90s and early ‘00s with Guyanese internet users increasing by 44,000 (14.8%) users from 2021 to 2022 and the government allotting USD 1.3 Billion for its ICT sector, the nation is still nowhere near as competitive as it should if it wants to be recognized as a truly competitive nation. 

Prologify can impact the local IT scene by offering its international-level IT solutions to the national government, healthcare, and education system. The Guyanese government has started integrating computers into government units. Efforts have been made to digitalize healthcare for far-flung communities. Plus, IT courses are already included in some schools and there has even been an introduction of private computer schools recently.  

Guyana has already started improvements in terms of information technology, and now all it needs is an industry leader like Prologify to take the country to the next level. With Excel Guyana, Inc. and Guyana itself making advances for the CARICOM country to be recognized as an economically developed and globally competitive nation, Prologify is the ideal IT company to lead Guyana’s IT industry to the future. 

Excel’s dynamic team is the foundation for a fast-growing integrated company focused on offering comprehensive solutions to our clients and partners. Excel is committed to being a vital driver in the development of Guyana and welcomes interest from foreign partners that have skills and products that are essential to Guyana’s growth. 

Excel’s leadership has more than 30 years of experience in building businesses in Guyana and the CARICOM region. With more than 10 years of local presence in Guyana, it has established networks in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the United States of America, Mexico, and Venezuela. 

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