Guyana’s Step Up to Global Competitiveness

While Guyana is on track to maintain its position as the global leader in total offshore discoveries, many opportunities have opened as the development trajectory of Guyana is being recalibrated towards increasing natural wealth building, creating economic resilience, expanding opportunities relating to the economy, enhancing social services and investing in Guyanese.
Excel Guyana is once again proud to be a sponsor of the International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana. The event has put a spotlight on the many opportunities awaiting Guyana through the collaborative efforts of our President, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and the Guyanese government, including the removal of intra-trade barriers to enhance the movement of goods and the people.
Aligned with the vision of bridging gaps to increase the circulation of trade and improve economic development in the country, Guyana’s geographical position and cultural disposition permit it to advance partnerships with the Caribbean, South America and Africa. This will also allow the Guyanese government to invest in strengthening the country’s competitiveness in existing sectors while creating an environment for new and emerging sectors.
Guyana is still committed to strengthen its offshore oil and gas industry while pledging to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel through Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy in developing future projects for the benefit of the Guyanese and the business industry. In order to achieve this extraordinary feat, Guyana will lean heavily on its workforce and is set to open job opportunities for the Guyanese. Training and education will be the top priority in order to mobilize its human capacity.
In addition, Guyana has reaffirmed its recognition of the participation of youth and women to help in improving the agricultural industry of Guyana and address the food shortages in the country. By fostering the skills and experience of the youth and women, it will increase the opportunities for shore-based facilities and increase the productivity of the Guyanese.
These tremendous opportunities opening up in Guyana, spearheaded by His Excellency Dr. Ali, will challenge the sectors concerned to create a new movement within their regions to start a momentum and send ripples of motivation for a sustainable future in Guyana.

Excel’s dynamic team is the foundation for a fast-growing integrated company focused on offering comprehensive solutions to our clients and partners. Excel is committed to being a vital driver in the development of Guyana and welcomes interest from foreign partners that have skills and products that are essential to Guyana’s growth.

Excel’s leadership has more than 30 years of experience in building businesses in Guyana and the CARICOM region. With more than 10 years of local presence in Guyana, it has established networks in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the United States of America, Mexico, and Venezuela.

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