Duraflex Solutions, is a Candian innovator designated as Cleantech Best Construction Methods by the Government of Canada. Duraflex is compliant with International Climate Change Infrastructure protocols for Green Constrution Materials. Duraflex exports globally as a Best in Class Product. Duraflex, is designed for soil stabilization and concrete modification. Duraflex changes

The 4th generation of Duraflex has many advancements, including the removal of virtually all chlorides, contributing to a significant reduction of carbon emissions. Duraflex is composed of “all-natural” minerals and mineralized compounds and has no Volatile Organic Compounds.

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Duraflex changes the way cement hydrates, creating long crystalline structures that knit together to close off all capillary action. When combined with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) (or other types of general use cement such as fly-ash, pozzolana, and slag) it creates a totally impervious structure exhibiting high tensile and flexural strength. When added to concrete, Duraflex reduces cement usage by at least 20%.

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Next Generation Soil Stabilization

Duraflex Solutions is a 4th generation proprietary crystalline technology composed of entirely
natural mineralization and virtually free of chlorides.

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