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Inver Group LLC

Inver Group is the leading provider of building solutions for steel structures in the region. They integrate design, material supply, construction management, and installation into a seamless service for your steel structure projects.

Inver Group operates across the Caribbean, Central, and South America. They ensure high-quality materials and standards by working with rigorously selected European and American suppliers.

Inver Group goes beyond simply supplying materials. Their specialty is partnering with contractors and owners to find the optimal intersection between design, material selection, and efficient construction. Through years of experience across multiple countries, they’ve transformed into a comprehensive service team.

This integrated approach allows them to offer a wider range of services, including design, material selection, planning, project management, and even training. This results in less downtime, improved precision, and greater overall project efficiency.

Leading this approach is a multidisciplinary team of highly trained structural engineers and experienced architects. Committed to providing solutions tailored to your needs, this team can partner with you at any stage of the construction project. From analysis and design to quantity estimation and solution proposals, their expertise is focused on delivering time, quality, and cost advantages for you in both the short and long term.

Ultimately, Inver Group’s motivation is to join forces with you and lead your building project to a prompt and optimal completion.

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