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TicketSearch is a global leader in next-generation ticketing platforms. They provide venues with a powerful, self-managed solution designed to enhance the customer experience while remaining affordable and efficient.

Developed through collaboration with over 700 venues and 1,000 professionals across three continents, TicketSearch understands the evolving needs of the industry. Their platform incorporates cutting-edge features like SMART social distancing technology, seamless virtual event integration for hybrid and streamed experiences, and merchandising modules that allow patrons to pre-order food and drinks.

TicketSearch prioritizes a mobile-first approach, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for customers. This translates to quicker transactions and a more user-friendly experience for everyone involved.

On the venue management side, TicketSearch offers a suite of 37 visual intelligence dashboards powered by Tableau. These real-time reports empower venue managers to make data-driven decisions regarding sales and marketing strategies, optimizing their operations for maximum success.

Originally established in Australia, TicketSearch is experiencing continuous global expansion. With sales and customer service offices strategically located across North America, Asia, and Australia, they are well-positioned to serve the needs of a diverse clientele.

In essence, TicketSearch equips venues with the tools and technology they need to thrive in the ever-changing event landscape. Their focus on affordability, efficiency, and a superior customer experience makes them a valuable partner for venues of all sizes and specialties.

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