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Latitude Geospatial is a technology-driven GIS Services & Spatial Data provider that offers creative solutions in the areas of Location-Based Technologies and Location-Based Intelligence. Their principal focus is to provide cutting-edge technology services and a consistent forward-thinking approach to serving customers. Their team takes a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand, listening to client’s needs, and providing advanced technology and the tools to help exceed their goals.


UAV Solutions

Aerial Survey & GIS Service

Strategic GIS Planning

Satellite Imagery & Remote Sensing Services

GIS Data Creation, Conversion & Collection

GIS Data Analysis

Enterprise GIS Implementation

Geospatial Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Artisanal and Semi Industrial Vessel Monitoring Systems

Application Development and Information Technology

Land Surveying & Mapping

Digital Elevation Models

Consulting Advising & Training

Key Members

Dr. Haimwant Persaud

Geographic Information Systems Advisor

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