Best practices your RPO must have

Human resource is among the most important building blocks of an organization. It is because of this that companies allot a big chunk of their budget to make sure that they get the best people in the industry. 

As times change and Guyana’s economy grows, recruitment becomes all the more challenging. This is the reason why more and more organizations are looking for a reliable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner to take care of their recruitment needs.

How do you know that you have the perfect RPO partner? Here are some of the best practices in the industry that your potential partner must emulate:

It’s more than just staffing – it’s the whole deal! Your RPO partner’s services cover the entire recruitment process. It must be able to help you in your recruitment needs from the ground up. It will assess your needs and conduct process reviews and recommendation, technology assessment, employer brand evaluation, candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing and testing, and onboarding. 

It will help build your image among prospective applicants. Whether you accept it or not, the job market has become candidate-driven. Job seekers are becoming more and more selective in the kind of employment they want to settle in. Your RPO partner will make sure that your company’s reputation aligns with what potential job candidates are looking for which includes work-life balance, a collaborative environment, healthy company culture, and the likes.

It takes care of all compliances and helps you reduce and manage risks. Do you know how often regulations relating to recruitment and hiring change? Quite often and the consequences of not following these regulations are grave. Your RPO partner must be able to navigate through the local, national, and international labor regulations and prevent your company from facing any liabilities.

It ensures that your hiring system ensures progressive diversity. Companies that encourage diversity are more likely to grow compared to those that don’t. In addition, diversity is also a requirement in certain industries. An RPO partner will implement an actionable diversity hiring strategy to help you achieve this.

It should be able to help you meet your workforce requirement as needed. Your RPO partner should help you scale your workforce requirement when demand for more talent is needed. It should be flexible in order to help adapt to the changing needs of your organization. 

It should undergo regular evaluation. Your RPO should offer you a program that allows you to monitor and evaluate its performance in meeting your recruitment needs. 

Overall, getting an RPO partner helps companies reduce recruitment costs, get top-of-the-line candidate quality, and ensure recruitment efficiency. That is if you are working with a reliable RPO. Excel Guyana’s Recruiting Division’s more than 30 years of leadership experience has helped companies grow their business and offer support in various facets of their operation including recruitment. It offers services to help job seekers in creating promising career paths, as well as its clients and partners in their recruitment needs including complying with local recruitment policies like the Local Content Registration. 

Not only does Excel get the best candidates for the job, but it can also help job seekers find sustainable employment in various sectors including construction management, procurement and logistics, human resource, accounting, among others.

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