Excel Guyana and CHEC Guyana invite you to the International Energy Conference and Expo

Excel Guyana and CHEC Guyana are Building Guyana’s Future through Partnerships!

“Our team is excited to attend this event and build more partnerships with our local business community as well as international business leaders. We are here to help create opportunities and align resources for success,” said Kris Sammy, Chief Executive Officer of Excel Guyana.

“As a world-leader in large infrastructure projects, we have the knowledge and experience to support the ongoing growth in Guyana. We are looking forward to working closely with our local partners to create a brighter future for the people of Guyana,” said Sammy Chen, Country Manager of CHEC Guyana.

With decades of experience, Excel Guyana and CHEC Guyana bring together the expertise and resources for sustainable growth for our community. During the International Energy Conference and Expo, our team will collaborate with executives, government officials, and key stakeholders who will discuss trends and projects that will help Guyana become one of the fastest-growing economies in this decade. The Expo will also serve as an avenue where business relationships and strategic alliances are initiated, so that attendees may gather information in crafting effective business strategies for the growing market.

Our Recruiting and Human Resources division will also use the Expo as an avenue where it can source local talents whose expertise and skills can contribute to the existing and emerging businesses in Guyana. Interested individuals may bring and submit to Excel Guyana’s booth where they can be recruited to work in industries that best fit their credentials.

Visit the International Energy Conference and Expo
February 15th through February 18th
Excel Guyana & CHEC Guyana Representatives
will be at Booth #OD3

Learn more about our experience and network with our leadership team in the conference. Local professionals are invited to bring a resume for future job opportunities.

Submit your Resume for Future Career Opportunities Online

Excel Guyana has more than 30 years of demonstrated success in the CARICOM region, with a local presence in Guyana since 2010. Excel offers expert consulting services to assist business with Government Relations, Recruiting and Human Resource Management, Business Brokering and Investment Opportunities. Corporate Formation and Governance, Site and Executive Security, and Procurement of Materials and Equipment.

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Since 1980, CHEC has been engaged in international engineering projects including building smart cities, roads, bridges, buildings, environmental projection projects as well as marine engineering and dredging. CHEC Guyana can provide a full scope of services to clients, including investment and financing, consultation and planning, design and construction management, and operation.

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