Excel Guyana Joins the Canada-Guyana Chamber of Commerce

Excel Guyana is pleased to announce that it has joined the Canada-Guyana Chamber of Commerce (CGCC). This further advances our position as a leading consultant in Guyana’s growing economy and expands our network among international businesses and experts. 

The CGCC fosters two-way trade investment and bi-lateral relations between both countries, mutually benefiting existing and prospective investors. This is a welcome development among the Guyanese business community and its emerging economies as they have seen the fruits of the long-standing successful relations with Canada. 

Excel takes advantage of this membership as the CGCC’s commitments align with our goal to help local businesses by facilitating partnerships and growth. We have been helping local and foreign investors in putting up businesses in Guyana through our wide array of services backed by an undisputed track record in leadership and investment.  

Through this partnership, we can support the CGCC’s goal to boost Guyana’s economy in the global market. Canada’s diversified trade agenda complements Guyana’s equally promising investment opportunities across various industries.  

This convergence increases Guyana’s potential not just in oil and gas, but also in agriculture, tourism, forestry, mining, information and communications technology, manufacturing, and services. Excel is at the forefront of this undertaking given our in-depth knowledge of Guyana’s policies, economic development plan, and local talents and resources. 

Excel is pleased to be in the CGCC and the great opportunities that we can offer to the Guyanese.  We understand the high expectations and confidence in Guyana’s economy. Excel will be working closely with the CGCC, the government, private sectors, and international partners to help achieve these. 

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