Excel offers factory-direct access for 3,000 essential industrial items

Excel Logistics & Management Services is pleased to announce it now offers factory-direct access to over 3,000 essential products to support Guyana’s booming economy. As a locally registered Guyanese company, Excel has exclusive rights to sell and distribute aggregates, equipment, machinery, and replacement parts for Guyana’s fastest growing industry segments:

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Construction & Infrastructure Industry
  • Offshore Exploration
  • Mining & Exploration

With a broad inventory of supplies and direct shipping from factories, Excel has built a reliable and sustainable supply chain solution to keep industries productive and profitable. Excel’s Procurement and Supply Chain Business Manager, Eugene Gonsalves has over 40 years of experience in the energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors. His knowledge of the industries and sourcing the most in-demand products provides project managers with a competitive advantage, as he is well versed in finding the right supplier to deliver within the necessary constraints of a project’s timeline. The organization’s management team can also assist with value engineering solutions to achieve the intended goal, on time and within budget.

Excel’s Chief Executive Officer, Kris Sammy, commented about how these developments could potentially benefit the country. “By ensuring that we can sustainably provide for the resources that most industries need in their operation and services, we help the country achieve its goal of becoming a power economy in the global scope.”

In addition to sourcing essential supplies, Excel Logistics & Management Services provides customs brokerage services. Our team of experts are highlight knowledgeable about the classification, valuation, and the duties and taxes imposed on exports and imports. The procurement team will ensure that your shipments are expedited through the appropriate channels and arrive promptly at the intended destination.

With our leadership’s experience and professionalism in the region, Excel has also secured exclusive agreements with some of the world’s largest suppliers of parts, machinery, and equipment including:

HAMAC Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

With around 10 years of experience in international manufacturing and trading industry, HAMAC has been a supplier of high-quality machineries at a reasonable prize. With two manufacturing bases, it can meet market demand including product customization of these construction and engineering machinery:

  • Concrete mixers
  • Concrete batching plant
  • Concrete conveying plant
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Concrete pump
  • Concrete placing boom
  • Matching construction machinery
  • Multifunctional boom system

Shengli Oil Field Petroleum Equipment co., Ltd.

Shengli Oil Field is the official manufacturer of oil and gas production equipment. With the partnership, Excel is the exclusive agent for 18 projects in Guyana and 6 projects in Suriname, giving Excel the authority to import and sell Shengli equipment and provide all technical after-sales service, guarantee, among others.

ACD America, Ltd.

ACD America is a leading exporter of industrial merchandise offering the leading innovative brands and services in control valves and instruments, industrial and shut-off valve and hi-tech gaskets and seals solutions:

  • Fisher Controls – controls valve and pressure regulators
  • Baumann – control valve and automation
  • Rosemount – measurement instrumentation
  • Asco – solenoid valve, angle seat, pinch & diaphragm valves, dust collector products, and sensors & controls
  • Datian Valve – control valve and ARC valve
  • Pyromation – Thermocouples and Sensors
  • All Brands listed – service, engineering, commission, and startup

Chengdu Deep

Chengdu Deep has over seventeen years of experience supplying quality products that are developed using cutting edge technology and extensive design and engineering.  It is the leading   market   share   and   top   performance position for almost all onshore and offshore applications. It can provide drill bits for various industries that are highly specialized.


ICO Group has 15 years of experience in creating projects for technology, construction, oil and gas industry leaders and provide the following:

  • Supply aggregates
  • Steel bars
  • PVC and HDPE pipes, fittings, and accessories
  • Pumps
  • Cables
  • Trailers for various purposes
  • Metal-mechanical parts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Oilfield special chassis trucks
  • Dredging for docks and port maintenance

Partnering with Excel Logistics & Management Services provides clients with factory direct supplies to build a sustainable and prosperous future for the people of Guyana. Furthermore, our team is here to support your projects with comprehensive procurement and supply chain solutions to keep your projects on time, and within budget.

From the moment a business enters the Guyana Market, Excel’s expert advisors work closely with them to launch their business operations efficiently through government relations and orientation, construction managementprocurement and logisticsemployee relocationrecruiting and human resources and expert accounting among others.

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