Excel’s Procurement Division seals exclusive partnership with Chengdu Deep

The Guyanese oil industry has catapulted the Guyanese economy and opened opportunities for more investment, employment, and overall economic growth. Oil exploration potentials are immense especially since it is considered to have the third-highest crude oil reserve in the Latin America-Caribbean region and among the highest oil reserves per capita in the world. Just recently, there were new discoveries offshore and, according to experts, the country is just at the tip of the iceberg. Not far behind is the gas industry which has seen its share of positive developments over the years with its gas reserves surpassing that of Trinidad and Tobago’s. And, with the efforts for gas exploration in the country, it won’t be long before Guyana becomes among the top gas producers in the world.

Given all these, it is not a surprise that there have been immense oil and gas exploration activities in the country. Excel Guyana Chief Executive Officer and Director Kris Sammy explained, “Acknowledging that these probes require dependable sources of materials, Excel’s Procurement Division secured an exclusive partnership with Chengdu Deep which has over seventeen years of experience in supplying quality bit products and services to customers in the drilling industry worldwide.”

Excel Guyana Chief Executive Officer and Director Kris Sammy

According to Excel’s Procurement & Supply Chain Business Manager Eugene Gonsalves, “Chengdu Deep can provide the right bit for the job that has been customized to address drilling challenges all over the world. Its market covers China, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and North and Central Africa. And, with its partnership with Excel’s Procurement Division, its products are now available in Guyana.”

The company prides itself on its extensive quality control and assurance protocols that are at par with international standards, from product performance up to customer service. It continuously advances the drilling industry with its commitment to design and engineering which includes field data analysis, bit design analysis, cutter technology, hydraulic simulation, and x-ray imaging technology.

Excel Procurement and Supply Chain Business Manager Eugene Gonsalves

Its featured products include the following:

  • The orBIT series ensures consistent drilling performance by utilizing proprietary software and tools to analyze cutter contact area, overall force balancing, and cutting volume, direction, and stresses. It utilizes Premium Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters (PDC) that offer high quality and performance. The distinct geometric shapes ensure longer bit life to withstand specific application challenges on site. It can be ordered with its optional features.
  • The DM and DS Series uses advanced cutter PDC technology that is ultra-efficient with improved erosion-resistant material and enhanced hydraulics. The Matrix Body PDC can withstand high temperatures, are erosion-resistant, and has a longer life in a high-flow environment. The DEEPBIT D Series has a combination of a higher rate of penetration (ROP) and long interval drillings compared to other bits. The DS Series are capable of withstanding high impact loads, comes with a big junk slot area for better cutting evacuation, and is much cheaper compared with Matrix Body PDC bits.
  • The Core Bits – DC Series come with a tungsten carbide matrix body structure, steel body frame, and diamond inside and outside gauges which can conduct full range coring services from unconsolidated to ultra-hard abrasive formations.

The bits also come with Optional Features which include Spiral Gage Pad Design, Anti–Vibration, Managed Depth of Cut, Active Gage, Back Reaming Cutters, Anti Balling Coating, and Fixed Port Design. There are also special application products available such as Impreg bits, Bi-center, and large diameter hole opening.

With the exclusive dealership with Chengdu Deep, Excel’s Procurement Division can provide dependable and quality bit products for all industries in the country.

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