Guyana’s investment opportunities in agriculture and manufacturing

On top of being a future powerhouse in the oil industry, Guyana has a lot of prospects in other sectors that complement its fast-paced development. The Guyanese government is at the forefront of this momentous undertaking, thus increasing the confidence level among local and international investors to start their business in the country.

Agriculture Opportunities

Guyana has in total 215,000 square kilometers of land. It is also far from the path of typhoons and its tropical climate and topography endowed with fertile soils can produce varied crops that are not found in countries that have a cooler climate. It is no surprise why the country is known to be food secure with high sufficiency in producing crops and meat. On top of that, the agriculture sector is a major export earner contributing around 16% to the country’s GDP in 2020 alone and accounts for the importation of $1.8 billion of dairy products annually.

Strengthening further the potential of the agriculture industry is the government’s strong support evident in ensuring that agriculture remains to be among its top priority to ensure a diversified economy.

In terms of possible ventures, Guyana’s agriculture sector offers possible investments in abattoirs and packing houses, canning and packing of fruits and vegetables, cattle ranching, corn and soya bean production, dairy operation and products, integrated farms, meat processing, organic farms, pig and poultry rearing, roses production, seafood and fish processing, and value-added coconut processing.

Manufacturing Opportunities

Guyana is rich in natural resources, and it is for this reason that the country is also a viable prospect in terms of the manufacturing industry. In 2021 alone, manufacturing has grown to 3.5% and is expected to boom in the coming years with the availability of affordable and efficient power and the enabling mechanisms that the Guyanese government has provided to encourage more players.

With all of these, the country is looking at more improvements in the manufacturing sector in 2022 the expansion of sugar, rice, and other manufacturing and ventures into non-metallic products and fabricated metal products

For possible ventures, interested businesses may invest in alumina plants, animal feed production, biodegradable containers and packaging, capital goods, clay brick, coco peat, cosmetics, furniture, garment or textile, glass, gluten-free products, gold refinery and value-added jewelry, herbal teas and essential oils, pharmaceutical, pre-cast and cement, and sundried fruits.

With all these exciting ventures in agriculture and manufacturing, it is important to have a dependable partner that can help investors from the groundwork to actual operations. This is Excel Guyana’s expertise. From the moment a business enters the Guyana Market, Excel’s expert advisors work closely with them to launch their business operations efficiently through government relations and orientation, construction managementprocurement and logisticsemployee relocationrecruiting and human resources and expert accounting among others.

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