Recruitment Process Outsourcing helps businesses scale up quickly and efficiently

Whether you are a local entrepreneur or international investor doing business in Guyana, outsourcing your recruitment process will give you a competitive advantage to scale your business and build a lasting team.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

In a challenging human resources market, organizations utilize Recruitment Process Outsourcing to gain the expertise of a recruitment specialist. In this arrangement, a portion or all of the organization’s recruitment processes are outsourced to a trusted advisor that is actively building a pipeline of candidates to fill all levels of employment.

How does that help your business?

Recruiting in this market means actively reaching out to prospective candidates because the most qualified candidates are often already employed. Actively recruiting candidates may take more time than your internal human resources department can effectively manage and can damage your company’s brand. But, if you focus only on resumes that you receive, you won’t be getting the best-qualified candidates. Additionally, your company may suffer slower growth because you aren’t tending to internal training and company culture, which are keys to maintaining long-term employees.

With Excel Guyana as your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner, you will have an active recruiter, bringing you the most qualified candidates to keep your hiring process agile. This will allow your internal Human Resources team to focus their efforts on training and culture-building initiatives, so your company will experience less turnover and greater cost-savings.

What are the tangible benefits to your company?

  • Reduce cost, faster hiring – hiring skilled talents is becoming more challenging and costly. In 2015 alone, talent acquisition cost increased to 13.67%, and companies lose money every day that a position remains vacant. With an RPO’s pool of skilled recruiters who employ the best practices and technologies to fill vacant positions, you reduce the number of days in job placement, thus saving on costs.
  • Talent access for targeted hiring – RPO companies can easily tap into their ready list of candidates complete with skills, credentials, and experience when you want a specific person for a job. And, the compatibility search goes beyond talent. With time-tested strategies, RPO can also ensure that the would-be hire is culturally fit for the company while ensuring productivity, longevity, and diversity.
  • Ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations – RPOs are cognizant of existing national and international laws and regulations including Guyana’s strict Local Content Legislation, and they use this knowledge as a guide in the hiring process from selection to placement. This would save companies the hassle of having to face legal and financial woes due to misdirected labor practices.
  • Strengthening of the company brand among job-seekers – Job seekers are becoming more prudent when looking for job prospects. It is no longer just about which company offers the best salary and benefits. They also consider work-life balance, collaboration, teamwork, culture, available technology, and available training. RPOs make sure that they position your company competitively by considering these realities.

Are you RPO-ready?

Aligning your firm with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner can seem overwhelming, but with proper planning it can help propel your firm to success. Here are a few questions to consider before requesting a meeting with our Recruiting and Human Resources Division.

  • Conduct analysis and identify the gaps in your existing recruitment process which includes the available resources, technologies, and recruitment team. With this information, determine how an RPO can address these gaps to improve your hiring process in terms of efficiency, cost, and quality.
  • By determining the gaps, you will also be able to identify the type of RPO solution you would need. Will you go for enterprise, selective, project, or on-demand solutions? The decision would depend on what you need and the vacant positions that need to be filled.
  • Come up with your checklist when determining the best RPO partner which includes its track record, industry experience, specialization, breadth of service, flexibility, technology support, financial impact, type of hire, and delivery method.

From the moment a business enters the Guyana Market, Excel’s expert advisors work closely with them to launch their business operations efficiently through government relations and orientation, construction management, procurement and logistics, employee relocation, recruiting and human resources and expert accounting among others.

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