Guyana’s workforce shifts to a Candidate-driven Market

by Ewan Shanks, VP of Client Services and Recruitment

There is no doubt that the pandemic has permanently shifted Guyana’s recruiting and human resources. Looking forward, we’re poised for exponential growth with more jobs coming on the market, so it is critical for businesses to adjust their recruiting initiatives for success.

In the local business community, I have increasingly been hearing complaints from hiring mangers that the candidates applying to their job advertisements are not qualified and do not meet the hiring criteria.

There are several contributing factors to this market shift. We have a strong local content policy in place, but we do not have enough qualified available candidates that are applying for jobs. Many unqualified applicants are looking for any job they can get. While an advertisement generally attracts much interest, it often attracts candidates that are unemployed, unhappy in their current roles, or just fishing to see what might be out there.

Additionally, the Oil and Gas sector is bringing in an influx of foreign firms to support our economic growth. These firms are paying higher wages in an attempt to attract and retain the most qualified candidates. Ultimately, with the new firms growing in Guyana, there are simply more job opportunities than there are qualified candidates to fill them.

So, what can you do to attract and retain top talent?
The time of “placing job ads” to fill positions is over. You have to take the mindset that you are building a team and creating a culture in your company. And the only way to accomplish this is with a dynamic and active human resources strategy that includes headhunting and recruiting the most qualified talent seeking a career.

Here are the benefits of using Excel Guyana’s Recruitment Division
Excel Guyana is a Retained Headhunting Search firm that actively seeks candidates, as opposed to a staffing agency which places job ads and prays that the right candidate applies. We take the time to learn your culture, so that we can ensure that the candidates will fit in both technically and professionally. Then, we research, direct source, and recruit qualified and experienced applicants who match your job openings. We also approach the passive, employed candidates who are not looking or thinking about making a move but are astute enough to listen to a new and maybe better opportunity to the one they are in currently.

With over thirty (30) years of recruitment experience locally and internationally, we bring a high level of professionalism and expertise to the recruitment process. We are trained and certified to conduct Structured Behavioural Interviewing. Our team of executives have extensive expertise guiding our clients through complex labor laws and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting a C-suite executive, front line employee, or temporary worker, you are making a significant investment. Excel’s human resources team is committed to helping you succeed by listening and thoroughly understanding your needs.

Contact Ewan Shanks to discuss your needs and learn how we Excel Guyana can fill your staffing needs. 

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