HRTM Consulting Guyana Joins Forces with Excel Guyana to Elevate Payroll, HR and Workforce Solutions

HRTM Consulting (Guyana) Inc. and Excel Guyana Inc. announce strategic partnership to revolutionize Human Capital Management (HCM) practices and Business Applications in Guyana.

This unprecedented collaboration brings together HRTM’s expertise in innovative HCM solutions and Custom Software Development with Excel’s three-decade-long legacy of consulting excellence. The primary focus of this partnership is to cater to the diverse needs of local and international clients while fostering robust economic growth and development
within the country.

Both HRTM and Excel Guyana Inc. are proud holders of Local Content Certificates, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to the local community. Emphasizing the vital importance of prioritizing local employment and human resource development in Guyana, this partnership takes a proactive stance in Guyana’s capacity building.

In the framework of this transformative collaboration, Excel will not only deploy HRTM’s HCM solution internally but also extend it as a service to their clients and strategic partners. This comprehensive suite of Human Capital Management Software, encompassing Recruiting, Onboarding, Workforce Management, Compensation, and Project Accounting, holds the power to revolutionize organizational HR processes, enrich employee experiences, and drive unmatched operational efficiency.

In return, HRTM Consulting will extend its expertise in Technology and Business Applications to Excel Guyana Inc., supporting Guyanese companies in effectively running and managing their businesses. The combined efforts of both organizations aim to foster business growth, technological advancements, and economic prosperity for local companies.

“We are thrilled to partner with Excel Guyana Inc., an established leader in the region, to revolutionize Human Capital Management and Business Applications in Guyana,” said Carlton Bharrat, CEO at HRTM Consulting Inc – Guyana. “Through this collaboration, we aim to empower organizations with our state-of-the-art HCM and other business solutions while contributing to the development of the local business ecosystem.”

Equally enthusiastic about this partnership, Kris Sammy, CEO at Excel Guyana Inc, remarked, “We have meticulously evaluated numerous international HCM platforms over recent months and are thrilled to have discovered a ‘homegrown’ solution explicitly tailored to Guyana’s taxation codes, complete with all the indispensable features required by local and international companies.”

The profound words of His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, during the launch of Saipem’s Offshore Construction Facility hold significance in this context: “The private sector needs to come together, build synergy, build consortiums. Go after the opportunity so you give us something to fight with you for.” In line with this ethos, HRTM and Excel Guyana Inc. are trailblazing the way forward.

About HRTM

HRTM Consulting (Guyana) Inc. is a vanguard provider of Human Capital Management Solutions and Custom Software Development services. The dedicated team of professionals at HRTM Consulting empowers organizations through state-of-the-art technology, delivering innovative solutions tailored to specific needs. With its affiliation with HRTM Consulting LLC in the US, HRTM Consulting Inc. gains access to world-class Software Solutions and Implementation experience.

About Excel Guyana Inc

Excel Guyana is a wholly owned Guyanese company, proudly registered with the Local Content Secretariat. As a rapidly expanding integrated enterprise, Excel Guyana offers comprehensive solutions to clients and partners. The company’s unwavering dedication, propelled by its seasoned and dedicated team, is firmly rooted in driving Guyana’s development. Excel Guyana warmly welcomes foreign partners equipped with the vital skills and resources that are indispensable for the nation’s growth. By fostering strategic partnerships, Excel Guyana is committed to advancing the success of clients, partners, and the communities it serves, both on local and international fronts.

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