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TicketSearch is a global ticketing platform offering next-generation services for venues to enhance customer experience with an affordable, efficient, and powerful self-managed solution. Built in collaboration with 700 venues and more than a thousand professionals across three continents, developers have incorporated SMART social-distancing technologies, virtual event integrations for both hybrid and streamed events, as well as merchandising modules to allow patrons to pre-order food and drinks. With a mobile-first approach, the platform provides customers quick and easy options to complete their transactions. Additionally, 37 visual intelligence dashboards, powered by Tableau, provide venue managers with real-time reports to optimize sales and marketing decisions. Originally developed in Australia, TicketSearch is expanding continuously with sales and customer services offices located in North America, Asia, and Australia.


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Key Members

Devon Daniels

Product Support Manager

Dan Sammy

Accounts Manager, Sales

Travis Singh

Technical Customer Support Representative

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