José Rafael Gomez

Since 2009, Jose Rafel Gomez has served as the Vice Chairman of Tecnoconsult, a global company founded in 1967 and focused on the design/engineering, procurement, project management, and construction. Tecnoconsult has successfully delivered more than 2,000 projects which include large infrastructure projects, jetties, production and refining, power and pipelines. Over the last 30+ years, Jose has built a reputation in international business in both the public and private sectors. In addition to having a PhD in Finance, he has a Doctorate in International Finance in the Russian Federation and Business Administration at Georgetown University in Washington DC. As Co-Chairman, Jose will oversee Excel Guyana’s strategic partnerships with international firms capable of committing financial resources, capacity and knowledge into opportunities in Guyana and the region.
Wonita Joseph-Alicock

Wonita Joseph-Alicock

HR Manager

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Terrence Walker

Digital Marketing Manager

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones

HSSEQ Specialist

Kofi Apkan

Kofi Apkan

Project Engineer

Cesar Guttierrez

Cesar Gutierrez

Procurement Conultant

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