HR Manager

Wonita Joseph-Alicock

As the Human Resources Manager, Wonita Joseph-Allicock has brought invaluable experience and knowledge to our company within the Human Resources field and has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s HR practices. With an impressive career, Wonita’s professional journey has been marked by a dedicated focus on Human Resources for over 12 years. Her extensive experience has equipped her with a profound understanding of Employee Relations, Conflict Resolution, and Payroll Services, allowing her to adeptly navigate the complexities of managing and supporting a diverse workforce. Within Excel Guyana, Wonita has emerged as a passionate advocate and a steadfast voice for all employees. Her commitment to ensuring a fair and equitable workplace is at the heart of her role, reflecting her dedication to promoting positive employee experiences and enhancing organizational cohesion. Wonita’s commitment to professional development has led her to pursue education at Nations University, where she obtained certification in Human Resources Management. This educational achievement underscores her dedication to continually expanding her knowledge and skills within the field. One of Wonita’s standout qualities is her ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Her capacity to effectively engage with individuals of diverse gender, personality, and ethnic backgrounds is a testament to her adaptability and strong interpersonal skills. Her welcoming approach fosters a harmonious workplace where all employees feel valued and respected.
Kofi Apkan

Kofi Apkan

Project Engineer

Norman Mclean

MG (Ret.) Norman McLean


Cesar Guttierrez

Cesar Gutierrez

Procurement Conultant

Malhotralall Persaud

Malhotra Persaud

Finance Manager & Corporate Secretary

Steve Sinanan

Steve Sinanan

Vice President of Marine & Offshore Services

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