Excel Guyana Inc. Partners with DURAFLEX Solutions

 Innovation And Cost Savings For Road Projects

(Georgetown, Guyana – Feb. 13, 2023) Excel Guyana Inc. is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with DURAFLEX Solutions for Guyana and Suriname.  

DURAFLEX Solutions, is a Canadian innovator designated as Cleantech Best Accepted Construction Method by the Government of Canada. DURAFLEX is compliant with the International Climate Change Infrastructure protocols for Green Construction Materials. These protocols are considered to be the Gold Standards in environmentally sustainable construction as articulated in the Kyoto Accord. DURAFLEX Solutions exports DURAFLEX globally as a Best in Class product. 

DURAFLEX, a patent-pending product, was designed for soil stabilization and concrete modification. DURAFLEX changes the way cement hydrates at the molecular level creating crystalline structures within the soil or concrete matrix. These changes create an increase in both compressive and tensile strength.  DURAFLEX closes the capillary action of the treated matrix thereby significantly increasing impermeability to water, acid, hydrocarbons, and chlorides (salt). 

“DURAFLEX is a proven product and will allow contractors to deliver quality construction projects including roads, sea defenses, canals, shore-base facilities and jetties without being constrained by the lack of stone aggregate currently facing Guyana.  Excel is proud to support this quality Canadian product in Guyana,” according to Mr. Kris Sammy, the Chief Executive Officer of Excel Guyana. 

As a soil stabilizer, DURAFLEX is ideally suited for road construction in Guyana.  When DURAFLEX is used, the in-situ materials mixed with cement and the DURAFLEX admixture becomes a monolithic road base. There is no need for aggregates resulting in significant savings in costs and time. DURAFLEX also reduces the carbon footprint created during the construction process. 

“DURAFLEX Solutions looks forward to working with Excel Guyana and exploring the unique opportunities being presented. DURAFLEX is committed to community engagement, knowledge transfer, and the advancement of socially and environmentally responsible best-case construction methods. We firmly believe that Excel Guyana is well positioned and committed to advancing our shared objectives,” said Mr. James Yaworski, the Founder of DURAFLEX Solutions, Canada.

Come and visit us at the Energy Conference slated for the 14th-17th of February 2023 – Booth 23-24.  Our experts will be on hand to answer any questions and walk you through your applications, Proven Applications: 

·    Land Reclamation/Infill Projects 

·    Highways & Urban Roads 

·    Hinterland Roads  

·    Hinterland Airstrips 

·    Industrial Floors 

·    Sea Defence  

·    Dams 

·    Drilling Pads  

·    Industrial Facilities 

·    Shore-base / Container Terminals 

·    Parking Lots 

·    Drainage / Canals 

About Excel Guyana 

Excel Guyana is a wholly owned Guyanese company registered with the Local Content Secretariat.  We are a rapidly expanding integrated company that delivers comprehensive solutions to clients and partners.  Our experienced and dedicated team is committed to driving the development of Guyana and welcomes interest from foreign partners who possess the skills and resources that are vital to the growth of our nation.  By fostering strategic partnerships, we aim to promote the success of our clients, partners, and the communities we serve, both locally and internationally.  

As a company with a leadership team boasting over 30 years of experience in building businesses in Guyana and the CARICOM region, Excel Guyana has established a strong presence in the country with over 10 years of operation. 

Learn more by calling +592 223-0646 or visit excelguyana.com. 

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