Types of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Each company has unique recruitment needs. More and more companies see the benefits of having a Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner as it is a cost-efficient way to get the best hires for specific industries. If your company is planning to get an RPO partner to help you with your recruitment needs, you need to know what kind of RPO solution would best work for you.

Here are the different kinds of RPO solutions and the specific recruitment services that they can provide:


Enterprise RPO offers comprehensive and integrated recruiting solutions may it be fully outsourced, full-cycle engagements, or targeted partial cycle engagements. This model provides companies with the greatest benefit as it can reduce expenses without sacrificing the quality of hire. More so, it can help satisfy immediate and future recruitment needs because it can provide sustainable hiring strategies.

For Enterprise RPO, you need to consider the current volume of hiring and if it would need to grow or remain static. It is also important to determine if there is a consistent need to hire across the organization and how often you would ramp up or down your hiring needs. On top of the actual recruitment, you need to identify if you would need a latent advisory solution and other technology resources relevant to the hiring process.


Selective RPO is ideal for companies that need assistance in specific areas in the recruitment process. This RPO partner will provide dedicated recruiters to assist you. This means that you will retain some of the recruiting functions and you can scale based on specific and targeted needs.

For this model, you need to know what specific areas you want your RPO partner to handle using technologies or expertise to help reduce the time and resources needed.


Project RPO is ideal if you want to accomplish a specific goal fast. It provides the services that an Enterprise RPO offers but for short-term commitments and only for specific roles or projects such as product or service launches or any company strategy modification that needs to be implemented. In this way, cost remains manageable.

Choosing this RPO model means you need to hire a large number of workers in a specific timeline with defined parameters.


On-Demand RPO is the most straightforward. It provides you with access to your RPO partner’s resources while you retain control over accounts and resource management. This is applicable for seasonal hiring needs.

For this model, you get dedicated recruiting resources to assist you in achieving specific hiring targets. This RPO partner will be able to share its best practices and efficiency with its industry experience.

Excel Guyana’s Recruiting Division’s more than 30 years of leadership experience has helped companies grow their business and offer support in various facets of their operation including recruitment. Excel’s human resource team uses Structural Behavior Interviews to get the best candidates for their partner’s recruitment needs while ensuring compliance with local content policies and labor regulations.

Not only does Excel get the best candidates for the job, but it can also help job seekers find sustainable employment in various sectors including  government relations and orientation, construction managementprocurement and logisticsemployee relocationrecruiting and human resources and expert accounting among others.

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