Excel Guyana Inc. Launches Marine and Offshore Services Division

Excel Guyana Inc. is pleased to announce the launching of Excel’s Marine and Offshore Services Division to serve the growing needs of the local marine…

Types of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Each company has unique recruitment needs. More and more companies see the benefits of having a Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner as it is a cost-efficient…

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has changed talent acquisition for the better. It relieves companies of the challenging task of hiring new employees by taking charge…

Guyana’s low carbon initiative to further boost the oil and gas industry

Guyana is among the first of the many countries that support the call for a cleaner and better world embodied in its sustainable development initiatives…

Investment Opportunities in Guyana’s Tourism Sector


ICT development to boost Guyana’s economy

The Guyanese government is keen on making the most of its potential to become one of the power players in the oil industry in the…

Guyana’s investment opportunities in agriculture and manufacturing

On top of being a future powerhouse in the oil industry, Guyana has a lot of prospects in other sectors that complement its fast-paced development….

Guyana’s economic boom boosts infrastructure development

The Government of Guyana has aligned its infrastructure development agenda to complement its economic boom, especially in the gas, oil, mining, agriculture, and tourism sectors….

Strike big in Guyana with mining opportunities

Guyana’s mining industry is a repository of exciting prospects. Not only is the country richly endowed with natural resources, but the economic transformation coupled with…

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